MP3's from Home

Here are three MP3's from the cd "Home." Chris Rival produced these recordings and the players on the session are as follows:

Deb, vocals & acoustic guitar; Chris Rival, electric guitars; Tom West, B-3 organ; Richard Gates, bass; and Brian David Rothwell, drums. Copies of "Home" are available now! Find out how to order the cd now by clicking here.

You can also hear cuts from the album being played at and you can write reviews of the songs at the Radio Paradise site.

Track #1 Home

There's a home. That's what he brings to her. Down the road he walks as he sings to her. About a place with a smile. About a smile with a view, into a wide open future and she sees it to.
There's a home like where she's never been. There she goes to take a look within. There is a lovely reflection, in the spring by the well, into a wide open future. She's scared as hell.
Relax, what you know is here. Relax it's just your fear.
There's a home and she's going there. It's true love can be so mean, but her heart is clear. It is a lovely reflection. This is a place with a view. Into something so frightening just because it is new. Into a wide open future that she's going to.

Track #2 Any Way

I don't care what you say, I'm going to learn to love you anyway.
I don't know where you've gone. So i will stand before you with my song.
Faith, your mother taught me yesterday. Faith, bigger than church, bigger than a powerplay.
In the start, it felt so right, kinda like an oversight.
Cause right in front, you've always been, rooting for me, to win.
Love, your father taught me yesterday. Love to make real love, you've got to practice everyday.
You think love, you speak love, you act love, I'll try love.
I'll try love.
And it took a storm, and still more clouds, to give to me these words to say out loud:
I don't care, what you say, I'm going to learn to love you, everyday.

Track #3 The Road

There's a road that I walk alone. I want you to come and take me home. Still this road, I walk everyday. I want you to come and take me away.Two thousand nights, each more like a year. I've been spending my time on this road here. Two million stars that I counted above, to give me hope and show me love. I've got stories of love. I've got stories of hope. I've got lifetimes of hate. I'll show you how I cope. So blue in the face, so strong and so sure, I've learned to erase what I can't endure.
The dirt in this road, the sand in my toes, in the moonlight faintly glows. Wildflowers so sweet, they greet me at dawn, show me love for this road I'm on.
I've got stories of love, I've got stories of hope, I've got lifetimes of hate, I'll show you how I cope. So blue in the face. So strong and so sure. I've tried to erase what I can't endure.
I smell the sea air. The ocean is near. The way to go is coming clear. This road goes over the dune. I hope I get there real soon. When I'm scared I sing a funny tune.
I've got lifetimes of hope, I've got stories of love, when I'm trying to cope, I count the stars above. Til I am blue in the face, til I am strong and secure. Mostly I feel out of place as I try to endure.

Copyright 2004 "Very Good, Debo"/ASCAP. All rights reserved forever amen.
Photography by Liz Linder, 2000